English classes update

It is half term next week (week commencing 23rd October). The drop-in and women's group will be running but there will be NO ENGLISH CLASSES. Classes will recommence on Monday 30th October. Thank You!


Donations Appeal!

We are currently running low on food and clothing stocks. The following items are particularly useful:     - Warm winter clothes  - men's and women's  - Men's medium sized clothes (all)    - Rice  - Chopped tomatoes  - Tinned products (no pork)  - Pasta  - Tea   -Coffee  - Sugar   If you would like [...]

The new arrivals

How do you live on £36.95 a week? Asylum seekers on surviving on their allowance Secondhand clothes, discounted food, children’s toys and books donated by charities ... We talk to some of the 39,000 asylum seekers whose weekly allowance leaves them counting out their lives in pennies by Kate Lyons, photographs by David Sillitoe, design [...]